Rafraîchir votre cheval lorsqu’il fait chaud dehors: conseils pour réguler sa température.

When there’s hot weather outside, it’s essential that you keep your horses cool. Here are some tips on keeping their temperature regulated even when the weather is hot:

The most obvious thing to keep an eye out for is also one of the most important. Keep your horse’s drinking supply of water fresh and cool. If you have a lot of horses in one place, make sure they can all reach it.

Water also has another purpose. If your horse is getting a little hot, consider sponging down the problem spots such as the legs, stomach and neck with cool water. Don’t get the water in the face or ears.

Working time
If you know that the middle of the day is going to be brutal, work your horse during the morning or in the evening when the heat isn’t as bad. Most importantly, you’ll both be happier about not being in the heat.

Your horses don’t have to be inside to have shelter. A nice bit of shade can provide a lot of relief. If you keep your horses inside their stables that’s a good option too. If it’s a bit too stuffy in there, a fan that is out of reach of your horses could be a good option to keep them cool.